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COMMU2: Together Towards Green.


We have included all attractive and modern features in the app

COMMU2 Ride Sharing: together towards green

The connected world is creating efficiencies everywhere and commute has kept up with this radical new world through ride sharing. Creating a win-win for all its stakeholders is the revolution in commute that is ride sharing. 

How it works: A no-fuss system

All that riders need to 

App Features

Shared Drive

Never travel alone in your car always pick up a co-traveler without any changes in your route.

Confirmed Seat

Never worry for getting a seat in crowded Bus.

Nearby Pick up

Don’t need to walk all the way to a Bus stop.

Nearby Drop of

Same way you will be dropped nearby to home.

Why Choose Our App

User friendly

Anyone can understand book and offer ride

Awesome Features

Check ,Notify, Own Quote.

Easy to Earn

Offer a ride, Get accepted, complete the ride, cash to bank.

Save the environment

save the fuel travel in one car instead of 4 cars.


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This app enables you to get a Quick ride to your workplace, back to your home and even your home town with reserved seating and economical and luxury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commu2 is technology based application COMMU2 provides informational method to connect drivers and riders with one & another that being travelling towards same route on daily basics.
  • We bring to you a very user friendly app that is accessible by everyone, first download the Commu2 app from play store or app store. Once it is installed, signs up to register and fill the required details and becomes a member.
  • If you’re a ride giver and have empty seats thus wishes to offer’s them. Then go to the match list, this list will give you all the information regarding the number of riders who are looking for the ride which leads to the same route.
You can download our application and browse our site from the website for absolute free with no additional cost. The fare of the ride will be solely depend on the rider giver which include fuel expense and parking charges thus we would recommend discuss the cost- sharing before getting into the ride and we also believe they would charge the reasonable amount.
We offer you commu2 service across the country and not limited to any particular place or a city. The service is mainly depending upon the car owner and the seats available for the seekers.
Commu2 suggests fair pricing method by the rider givers without any prejudice or false charging. The fare that are quoted largely depends to the distance, availability of seat, expense of fuel& parking and some cases considering the longer journey tolls as well.
Our team gives the sole rights of choosing route to the ride givers, they can offer the available seat to the seekers for any distance they’re travelling upon but however Commu2 primarily provide services through the means of roadway and no other transportation mean and mainly prefers the day time journey.
If you share the cost of commuting to and from work by Commu2 with others, you can potentially save a significant amount and at least covers the expense of the monthly fuel.
Safety has been always the priority of our team of COMMU2, provides their Service to those who agrees our legal bond which states a warrant that the user should not be less than 18 years old.Commu2 app will have distinct feature of tracking the location of both the parties. This feature will keep the track of the location and route of the vehicle where it is being run upon. This device will serve the mutual purpose of security and accuracy. It will also help in stating the verifiable fair of the ride and ensures a safe & sound journey. We can’t guarantee the nature of people but will suggest you to take safety precautions before accepting or seeking the ride and encourage a healthy environment to work with.
COMMU2 provides a medium to connect drivers and riders with one & another. It does not contemplate to provide TRANSPORTATION SERVICES OR ACT IN ANY MANNER AS A TRANSPORTATION CARRIER, and do not own any responsibility or liability for any voluntarily services and damage to the vehicle or any personal belonging kept in the car and recommend speaking to the rider giver or insurance company.
We would like to inform you regarding the insurance policy that in any case of the car or vehicle gets damaged in a crash, collision or car is vandalized or broken. Our team of Commu2 will not pay for the damages caused to your car.
The ride giver will be requested to carry all the important documents like driving license and safety kit while driving. You don’t need to carry any extra document.
Every time you visit our app, we automatically record the current and frequent IP address of your phone or site, this helps to secure your account and help to identify the user which is important for safety concern.
You are the sole authorized user of your account, thus we expect you to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password. If any case you may suspect any unauthorized party involved in your privacy without any further due contact us immediately.
We value only those users who wishes to value our service and bounds in the legal platform by accepting all the term and condition of our company. If anyone found violating the rules and regulation, this will result in the termination of your account from our ends. For further details please read our Terms & Condition.
Please contact our Customer service Department or kindly email us, we would like to hear your important feedback and concerned matter and try to work accordingly.



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This app enables you to get a Quick ride to your workplace, back to your home and even your home town with reserved seating and economical and luxury.

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